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Welcome to the Homestuck Shipping World Cup (HSWC), a summer-long shipping event for the Homestuck fandom! Fans form teams around their favorite ships and compete in challenges based around prompts to show off just how awesome their ship is. Everything from fanfiction and fanart to games, recipes, graphic design, cosplay and voice acting are welcome, so long as it fits the challenge and is created new for the HSWC. Through fanworks, participants gain points for their teams, and teams are ranked based on how many points they accumulate. But in the HSWC, all ships are welcome and the points don't really matter! The focus of the event is the celebration of shipping and the creation of new fanworks.

This event is pretty fast-paced and there's always something to do but can generally scale to your amount of free time and desired involvement. If you want to enjoy and/or create fanwork, there's no better event than this: the first week of HSWC 2013 alone created over a hundred new works for the fandom. The event also creates a huge amount of rare pair fanwork every year. Just do your best, chill with some sweet bros (and maybe a few hella Jeffs), make some new friends, or just lurk! The most important thing is to have fun; the points system is in place as a motivator rather than an assessment of worth or talent.

Team Noir Sign Ups are open. The event begins on May 18, 2014, and ends on August 31, 2014. For more information, check our Schedule.

The Homestuck Shipping World Cup is hosted on Dreamwidth and you must have a DW account to play. (They're free!) To learn more, click here.

A Step by Step Guide

(Or, how to join and participate in the HSWC)

  1. Look at the schedule to see the HSWC's important dates and determine if the event works with your own schedule.

  2. Create a Dreamwidth account.

  3. Sign up to join a team when sign ups open on Apr. 8!

    1. You can also help by reblogging our advertisement post, when it appears!
    2. Consider subscribing to/tracking our HSWC websites to keep up with the latest announcements.

  4. Get to know your teammates and look forward to the final team roster being announced at the end of sign ups!
  5. Participate in bonus rounds as they appear. Bonus rounds are more participant-driven and represent every ship imaginable (not just those represented by teams). Each team member is free to work independently to create prompts and fills, both of which gain points.

  6. Participate in main rounds as their themes are announced. Each team demonstrates their ship's selling points and the team's own talents through their main round entries. While Main Rounds can be (and often are) collaborative, they don't have to be.

  7. Participate in the collab round. This is the only round where team collaboration is required. Teams can push themselves here and really show off their ship to the best of their abilities!

  8. Vote on each main and collab round saying which entries are your favorites.

    1. Tune in to voting results to see how your team has done, and celebrate your each team's accomplishments! Every team who submits a main/collab round entry gets points, but the top ten teams get a point bonus.
  9. Continue participating in bonus rounds, main/collab rounds, and voting until all rounds are completed.
  10. The HSWC ends, final rankings are announced, and everybody celebrates!

For more details about any aspect of the event, this wiki is a wealth of information. Just use the links at the top of this page to navigate, or the search bar to find something in particular. Good luck to you and your team in this year's HSWC, and happy shipping!

HSWC Websites

The HSWC is not affiliated with any of the individuals or mods who ran the Homestuck Shipping Olympics. We are an entirely separate collective that organized to continue the spirit and fun of the HSO when the original runners stepped down. We have borrowed some things from them, however, and this event is organized with their consent.

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