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[[Event Layout#Main Round Work Guidelines|Return to Main Round Work Guidelines.]] [[Event Layout#Round_Work_Guidelines|Return to Main Round Work Guidelines.]]

Main/Collab Round Info Block Code

<b>TITLE:</b> --The title of the work--
<b>SHIP:</b> --The name of your team's ship--
<b>RATING:</b> --A rating for the work, from G, T, M, or E--
<b>CHARACTERS:</b> --Characters that appear in the work--
<b>SIDE PAIRINGS:</b> --Other ships that appear in the work--
<b>MAJOR TAGS:</b> --Here you will list any of the Major Content Tags that apply to your work. If none apply, state NONE. If you do not wish to tag certain elements of the work to keep from spoiling your work, you must put the phrase TAGS OMITTED in this section.--
<b>ADDITIONAL TAGS:</b> --If your work contains other elements you feel should be noted, feel free to list them here. You may also use additional tags to help summarize your work or entice readers. As with Major Tags above, you can also choose to say TAGS OMITTED or NONE.--
<b>SUMMARY:</b> --A brief summary of the work.--
<b>WORK COUNT:</b> --An overview of your work: word count, art count, length of audio/video files, etc. This allows participants to gauge how much time they will have to devote to your entry.--
<b>SCRIPT:</b> --Games, choose-your-own-adventure-style entries, voice acting, music, video, etc. must include a link to a full script or the entry will not be eligible for that round's final vote.--

Return to Main Round Work Guidelines.

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