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Anti-Wank Policy

Anonymity Policy

It is absolutely vital that team main and collab round entries remain totally anonymous until their voting periods are over. Revealing who did what on your team’s entry invites favoritism and bias.

Your team will receive a 50 point penalty every time a member of your team breaks an entry’s anonymity. The entry doesn't have to be yours; if a member of your team reveals who created something on another team's entry, your team will still incur the penalty.

To avoid this penalty, until a round’s voting period is over, do not:

If in doubt: just don’t discuss your round entry at all until voting is over. (exceptions: friendleaders can post advertisements for their round’s entries on tumblr, etc. as long as they maintain anonymity, and teammates may reblog it without commentary. Friendleaders can also reply to comments left to their main/collab round entry on behalf of their entire team, as long as they use neutral language.)

After the voting period, you can talk about your entry as much as you want and repost it anywhere and everywhere.

We encourage all participants to enforce the importance of this rule with their teammates, and all friendleaders to double-check their entries and make sure that they do not have any revealing watermarks, credits, or notes on them. Please don't make us penalize you! Thank you!

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